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libgpod is a shared library to access the contents of an iPod. This library is based on code used in the gtkpod project. Starting with V0.96.CVS gtkpod depends on this library.

This code was originally part of gtkpod itself. When the parsing code was made self-contained with gtkpod V0.93, we chose to put this code in a separate library so that other projects can benefit from it without duplicating code.

libgpod supports playlists, smart playlists, playcounts, skipcounts, ratings, podcasts and cover art. Audio as well as video is supported. Photo support has been implemented with version 0.4.2.

V0.6.0 was the first release to support the iPod Classic and Nano Video. These require a one-time setup of the iPod however, so please read the NEWS and README.SysInfo files carefully.

There's also preliminary support for the iPhone and the iPod Touch but they must be jailbroken to work. You'll find more details in the NEWS file.

You are welcome and encouraged to use this library in your own projects and extend it's functionality. Please contact gtkpod-devel at for assistance.

libgpod is licensed under the LGPL.


For details on using libgpod, please see the API documentation.



Official Release

Current development tree

Third-party packages

openSUSE: Package Search Result

Solaris/SPARC: Packages by Eric Enright

Ubuntu: Packages

Ubuntu getdeb: Package (follow the gtkpod download link)

Package Search Machines Package

Links2Linux.dePackage Packages

Projects using libgpod

Amarok: a music player for Linux and Unix

Exaile:a media player with optional support for the iPod.

FUSEPod: a virtual filesystem for accessing your iPod on Linux.

gPodder: a Podcast receiver/catcher written in Python using GTK

gtkpod: a GTK2 application to manage your iPod

iPodDisk: an OS X Tiger application allowing other applications to access the iPod's contents by emulating an iDisk drive

podtool: a Python-based utility for managing tracks between a local music repository and an iPod

Pulp: a Qt-based media player that allows for the syncing of audio/video files to external devices (i.e. iPods, various Creative players and the Microsoft Zune)

Rhythmbox: a music management application for GNOME

Senuti: a Mac OS X application to retrieve songs from your iPod.

Songbird extension for iPod: an extension for Songbird to play from and synchronize with the iPod.

thin liquid film: an application to load and convert video files to your iPod.

Tripod: a KIPI plugin to upload photos to your iPod.

If you know of others, please let us know at gtkpod-devel at lists dot sf dot net.