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Final release of gtkpod before the major UI refactorings with anjuta are incorporated.

  • BUGFIX: Make dialogs transient with gtkpod window
  • IMPROVEMENT: Make the no extended database message clearer
  • BUGFIX: Failure to read lyrics file no longer displays a warning dialog for each track. Instead it displays the error in the lyrics tab.
  • BUGFIX: Track filter tends to display no results
  • BUGFIX: Various deficiencies with audiobooks. Thanks to Joel Smith.
  • NEW FEATURE: Catalan translation of application include. Thanks to Nofre Móra.
  • BUGFIX: Memory leaks. Thanks to Andrea Ordetti.
Database error - gtkpod iPod Manager
Database error

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A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
(SQL query hidden)
from within function "Job::pop". MySQL returned error "1146: Table 'DB21816.gp_job' doesn't exist (".